Are you a CEO Speech Maker Entrepreneurial Visionary

Are you a CEO SPEECH-MAKER/ENTREPRENEURIAL VISIONARY who wants the best advice and counsel from an expert coach for your own speeches and leadership events that include speaking to investors, stakeholders, business collaborators, board of directors, conferences and/or the media?

Speak & Impress!®

You can deliver great speeches and media messages if you give them your total commitment! Robert’s speech approach and coaching will get you great results, not merely get you through them!

Your great speech will have a central theme that touches the soul and imagination of your audience because it expresses and validates their feelings, concerns, anguish, joys and aspirations regarding the topic. It inspires them to move, act, respond or celebrate. This means that your great speech must be prepared by you and that you must be emotionally, intellectually or spiritually attached to the topic, event or issue. In history, we have seen visionaries give great speeches because they were fully committed to their cause and to the important message they were delivering.

Robert Vallée will teach you to write inspiring speeches and to deliver them with the dynamic, charismatic style that your audiences want you to deliver them in. You will learn how to tap into the souls of your audiences and incorporate colourful word imagery, experience-sharing, humour and passion in order for you to be the special speaker that you want to be.

Increase your effectiveness thanks to one-on-one consultations with Coach Vallée! All great athletes and performers receive one-on-one coaching from their expert coaches before a major competition or event. The same coaching principle applies to leaders like you who must deliver outstanding speeches.

You will be coached to improve and refine your speaking skills. Your coaching sessions will take place at your facilities and will involve your delivery and Vallée’s video taping of your speech followed by constructive feedback of your performance. Coach Vallée will point out to you your speaking strengths and weaknesses in the areas of verbal delivery, enunciation, articulation, emphasis, voice modulation, eye contact, gestures, body language and relevancy or resonance of message to your audience. Coach Vallée will offer you advice and techniques on how to improve each one of them. You will then be asked to re-deliver your speech for additional coaching.

If needed, Coach Vallée will teach your speech writers to enhance their craft to suit your new powerful methodology and dynamic speaking style.

Here are the benefits to you:

  • Become a more powerful speaker in order to touch and motivate your audiences.
  • Illustrate your message in an inspirational manner that makes your speeches memorable.
  • Master the art of “dramatic impromptu speaking”.
  • Develop a speaking style that presents you as an enthusiastic and passionate communicator.
  • Interested in thriving in the spotlight? Contact Robert Vallée today.

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