Become a Better Communicator

Become a Better Communicator

Communicate at the top of your form! Increase your effectiveness thanks to one-on-one consultations with Coach Vallée!

  • Contact Coach Vallée and identify with him the critically-important communication situations in which you want to excel.
  • Identify with him the communication skills that you need to add to your repertoire in order for you to be the complete leader that you wish to be.
  • Then in individual coaching sessions with Robert Vallée, you will be coached to improve and refine your communication skills. Your coaching sessions will take place at your facilities (or his) and will involve your delivery and Vallée’s video taping of your communication scenarios followed by constructive feedback of your performance. Coach Vallée will point out to you your communication strengths and weaknesses in the areas of verbal delivery, enunciation, articulation, emphasis, voice modulation, eye contact, gestures, body language, proper introduction of your message/points and relevancy of content to your listeners. Coach Vallée will offer you advice and techniques on how to improve them.
  • You will then be asked to re-deliver your communication scenarios for additional coaching.

Be on the lookout for 4 “must-have” techniques in your communication repertoire:

  • the P.E.I. Technique!®,
  • the F.O.E.I.Q. Technique!®,
  • the Y.I.P.I. Technique!®, and
  • the A.S.C. Technique!®.

These 4 techniques are very effective and will showcase you as a clear, versatile and relevant communicator. They are ideal for a multitude of speaking situations such as:

  • 15-seconds elevator pitch
  • informative presentations,
  • influence-oriented presentations,
  • sales presentations,
  • progress reports,
  • technical presentations,
  • speeches,
  • meetings,
  • training modules,
  • impromptu talks,
  • job interviews,
  • media interviews,
  • answering questions,
  • handling objections,
  • conflict resolution, and
  • consensus achievement.

The result: dramatically more effective communications delivered by a more confident and capable you thanks to a complete personal development program.

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