Develop Advanced Presentation Skills

Develop Advanced Presentation Skills

“Outstanding Presentation Techniques for Modern Overachievers Ready for Excellence!”®

Now that you have the basics, get the personal coaching and practice you need to immediately increase your impact. Practice before a live audience, see yourself on video, and get personal feedback and coaching. You will emerge ready to persuade and impress!


  • Find out how you stack up as a presenter
  • Develop a complete repertoire of presentation strategies
  • Learn how to handle tough situations
  • Deliver impromptu presentations with style
  • Learn the latest presentation techniques
  • Practice, practice, practice

Design Your Presentation

  • Create compelling opening remarks: R.O.P.®
  • Learn P.E.I.® for impromptus and Q&A sessions
  • Learn a great model for presentations using
  • PowerPoint® and paper-based decks: Y.I.P.I.®
  • Develop strategies for getting the attention of your audience and keeping it
  • Learn effective techniques to connect with your audience

Beyond Content

  • Practice the natural use of gestures, eye contact and movement
  • Develop a powerful and emphatic verbal delivery: T.C.®
  • Develop great speaking abilities with very few notes
  • Lead your audience to a consensus while managing objections: A.S.C.®

Very Important Information:

  • Bonus: Video taping and coaching from Robert Vallée
  • Pre Work: You are required to bring a hard copy of a presentation you are working on and are required to email a copy to Robert Vallée prior to the workshop.
  • Coaching: One-to-one coaching with Coach Vallée is also available

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