“Robert is a phenomenal presentation and public speaking coach. There is no one like him in the industry. He is provocative and caring, disciplined and creative, smart and courageous. You cannot not learn when you work with him.”

Edyta Pacuk,
President, MarchFifteen Consulting

“Robert is an exceptional teacher and coach of presentation skills and public speaking
techniques. Clients continually rated his courses in our top 5. His tools and techniques are easy to remember and apply and always produce results. I highly recommend Robert for individuals interested in a no-nonsense yet high impact approach to improving their public speaking and presentation skills.”

Glain Roberts-McCabe,
Founder & President, The Executive Roundtable Inc.

“Robert made a lasting impression on me about the RIGHT use of PowerPoint presentations and the lively and skillful guidance on how to manage difficult audience members. To this day, I use his teachings and share them with my colleagues when they show me their presentations, that are full of the same evil I had before I was “saved”” by Robert. Which other teacher/coach can you say that about!? I don’t give away Robert’s name easily, so that competitors continue to deliver bad presentations while we excel.”

Tilmann Gabriel,
Executive Vice President, Qatar Airways

“Robert, I’m still getting great feedback from the team on the training you provided. I use it myself regularly.”

Toby Stewart,
Senior Director, IT Strategy & Enterprise Architecture, Bombardier Aerospace

“Robert Vallée and the service he delivers is a game changer. Robert was a real pleasure to work with. As you can imagine seeing yourself doing dynamic presentations is something we all strive to. If you are looking for a great coach with honest direct feedback and come out a winner then you should look Robert up. Robert delivered a great course and fantastic personal coaching. Robert is the competitive edge in business presentations.”

John Thompson
Director IT Operations & Service, Aecon

“Robert is one of the finest presenters I’ve ever had the joy of watching in his element… and learning from. Keep up the great work!”

Rosanne Trudel
Contact Centre Manager (Bilingual), IFDS

“Coach Vallée’s paradigm-shifting presentation solutions are truly unique. He introduced
refreshingly-modern, audience-centric strategies and tactics that empowered my fellow trainees and I to deliver highly-relevant, meaningful, clear and interactive presentations on short notice. Better still, coach Vallée did all this in a very relaxed learning environment. Kudos are in order!!!”

Mark Kelly
Managing Director / Business Unit Leader, CHC (Ireland) Ltd.

“Robert Vallée provided coaching for executives at Falconbridge Limited shortly after I joined the company as Director, Public Affairs late in 1981. I couldn’t have been more pleased by the content and style of his coaching, and he served as my mentor after I started my own consulting and media training firm. Robert has an uncanny ability to zero in on the specific needs of those he is coaching and to bring out the best in them. I recommend him without reservation.”

Ed Shiller
Leading Media Trainer & Communications Consultant, Ed Shiller Communications

“Robert delivered an excellent presentation seminar, which was both hands-on and strategic. The icing on the cake is the focused follow up material via YouTube.”

Arvind Vijh
Director, India Services Group at Deloitte Canada

“Not too long ago, Robert came to talk to a group of young entrepreneurs about how to
handle calls that come into our business or calls that we have to make. In his brief 20-minute presentation, he managed to entertain, educate, and help each of us walk away with something we could use right away to help us grow our businesses. Highly recommended.”

Igor Klibanov
President and Personal Trainer, Fitness Solutions Plus