Are you a LEADER/SPOKESPERSON who acts as a speaker for your organization or community cause and who seeks to develop more skill and expertise in your craft thanks to individual coaching with an expert coach?

Recommendation: Increase your effectiveness thanks to one-on-one consultations with Coach Vallée!

All great athletes and performers receive one-on-one coaching from their expert coaches before a major competition or event. The same coaching principle applies to speakers, leaders and spokespersons who must deliver outstanding presentations and key messages. To achieve this goal, you must profit from the LEADERSHIP in SPEAKING PROGRAM with Robert Vallée.

This intensive, personal coaching program enables you to develop powerfully dynamic presentation & speaking skills in order for you to showcase better, clearer and stronger messages to your target audiences. In the end, your new skills will allow you to have superior results in every one of your speaking events, planned or impromptu or when answering tough questions.

Here is how the program works:

  • Meet with Coach Vallée and identify with him the critically-important events in which you will be making important speeches/presentations in the near future.
  • Identify with him the speaking/messaging skills that you need to add to your repertoire in order for you to be the leader/spokesperson that you truly are.
  • Send (by e-mail) your existing speeches/messages to Vallée for his review, constructive feedback and, very likely, enhanced rewrites. As a professional speaker, Coach Vallée will supervise the crafting of your next speech or presentation so that you hit a home run before your important audiences.
  • Then in individual coaching sessions with Coach Vallée, you will be coached to improve and refine your speaking skills. Your coaching sessions will take place at your facilities (or his) and will involve your delivery and Vallée’s video taping of your speeches/messages followed by constructive feedback of your performance. You bring the visual aids (videos, computer graphics etc.) that are vital to your communications. Coach Vallée will point out to you your speaking strengths and weaknesses in the areas of verbal delivery, enunciation, articulation, emphasis, voice modulation, eye contact, gestures, body language, proper introduction of your visuals and relevancy of message to your audience. Vallée will offer you advice and techniques on how to improve them. You will then be asked to re-deliver your key messages for additional coaching.
  • Coach Vallée will encourage you to video record your “public events” which you, in turn, forward to him for his review and assessment. Thanks to his additional feedback and coaching you can truly speak and impress!

The result: dramatically more powerful and dynamic speeches/key messages delivered by a more confident and capable you thanks to a complete personal development program.

Interested in achieving greatness? Contact Robert Vallée today.