Are you a MANAGER of TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT who wants to sponsor an in-house group workshop for NEW PRESENTERS or for ADVANCED PRESENTERS in the next few months? Recommendation: Sponsor a customized 1-day workshop led by Robert Vallée.

Here are the highlights of the workshop for NEW PRESENTERS:

Introducing the ultimate Leadership Presentation program: O.P.T.4.M.O.R.E.®

  • Your leadership abilities will be recognized every time you showcase them in meetings and presentations.
  • You will be recognized as a clear-thinking, decisive leader.
  • A leader who is committed to serving his/her stake holders’ interests.
  • A leader who will lead them in realizing their goals and aspirations
  • Opt for presentation skills that will make you stand out.

Discover the O.P.T.4.M.O.R.E.® program from Robert Vallée:

“Outstanding Presentation Techniques for Modern Overachievers Ready for Excellence!”®, Learn how to connect with your audiences, tell a clear, compelling story, get to the point quickly, and lead the way!


The ability to deliver an informative, professional and captivating presentation in your own unique style is vital to your business success. Learn principles and techniques that will help you organize persuasive presentations and get your point across.


  • Overcome anxiety and develop presentation confidence
  • Create/write an informative and a persuasive presentation
  • Speak more naturally

Add Value to Your Audiences

  • Think and speak on your feet and win over your audience
  • Make your opening remarks relevant
  • Get your message out up front
  • Present the critical information
  • Anticipate objections and concerns
  • Add value to the information on the screen

Overcome Fear and Anxiety

  • Facts about the fear of speaking in public
  • How to deal with your nervousness: relaxation exercises

Design Your Presentation

  • 3 components of great opening remarks: R.O.P.®
  • Position your presentation in their minds
  • Motivate your audience and be more persuasive
  • 3 components to the body of your presentation: C.S.I.®
  • Effective visual aids: design and execution

Deliver Your Presentation

  • Prepare your speaking notes for spontaneity
  • Effective stance, body language, gestures, eye contact & voice control
  • Develop an interesting, effective speaking style: T.C.™


“Outstanding Presentation Techniques for Modern Overachievers Ready for Excellence!”®

Now that you have the basics, get the personal coaching and practice you need to immediately increase your impact. Practice before a live audience, see yourself on video, and get personal feedback and coaching. You will emerge ready to persuade and impress!


  • Find out how you stack up as a presenter
  • Develop a complete repertoire of presentation strategies
  • Learn how to handle tough situations
  • Deliver impromptu presentations with style
  • Learn the latest presentation techniques
  • Practice, practice, practice

Design Your Presentation

  • Create compelling opening remarks: R.O.P.®
  • Learn P.E.I.® for impromptus and Q&A sessions
  • Learn a great model for presentations using
  • PowerPoint® and paper-based decks: Y.I.P.I.®
  • Develop strategies for getting the attention of your audience and keeping it
  • Learn effective techniques to connect with your audience

Beyond Content

  • Practice the natural use of gestures, eye contact and movement
  • Develop a powerful and emphatic verbal delivery: T.C.®
  • Develop great speaking abilities with very few notes
  • Lead your audience to a consensus while managing objections: A.S.C.®

Very Important Information:

  • Bonus: Video taping and coaching from Robert Vallée
  • Pre Work: You are required to bring a hard copy of a presentation you are working on and are required to email a copy to Robert Vallée prior to the workshop.
  • Coaching: One-to-one coaching with Coach Vallée is also available

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