Are you a P.R. PROFESSIONAL who writes speeches/presentations/seminars for clients and who seeks more expertise in your craft thanks to individual coaching with an expert coach?

Speak & Impress!®

Coach Vallée feels for you. Your clients expect you to craft and write the best speeches, presentations and client seminars. Yet they fail to understand, let alone appreciate, the tremendous challenges of your job. Clients are like singers. They all think that they are great singers and performers and, as such, what they want from you is to write them another great “hit” that will become a classic.

What they care less about is the fact that you have limitations in terms of time, subject knowledge and ability to write great material. Budget is, of course, tight.

Good news! Clients are confident that, because you are in the PR profession, you are an expert in all areas of speeches, presentations and/or client seminars. You and I know better! Face the reality and ask yourself this question: as a P.R. professional have you, yourself, ever delivered a great speech or an outstanding presentation and/or a powerful client seminar yourself? If so, congratulations!

If not, then call upon Coach Vallée to teach you how to write great material that is meant for the ears, minds and souls of your client’s audiences. Do so for your benefit as your P.R. masters expect you to perform miracles in order to satisfy their clients and invoice accordingly.

Solution: hire Coach Vallée to train you and/or your speech writers.

Specifically, you will:

  • Learn how to wed your clients’ mindsets with their messages while addressing the needs of their targeted audience members.
  • Incorporate central themes that touch the souls and imaginations of your clients’ listeners because your writing empowers your clients to express and validate their audiences’ feelings, concerns, anguish, joys and aspirations.
  • Strengthen your writing so that your clients’ audiences are impressed by the imagery, power and musicality of your messages through your word selection.
  • Master the art of writing for sincerity of style, relevance of presentations, and an inevitability of conclusions that inspire them to move, act, respond or celebrate.

Fact is great singers need great songs. Great actors need great lines to bring to life. Great communicators need great speeches, presentations and client seminars to deliver.

Coach Vallée has 3 decades of experience as a singer and composer of great speeches, presentations and client seminars. Contact him today for coaching.