Are you a VP/DIRECTOR/MANAGER of SALES who wants to equip your sales team with powerful presentation/sales skills to sell more profitably?

Coach Robert Vallée as a speaker/trainer will make your next conference or training event a success!

His offerings: four brief sessions, packed with new, relevant information on the latest presentation and sales techniques!

  1. The Y.I.P.I. Technique!®
  3. The F.O.E.I.Q. Technique!®
  4. Freedom from PowerPoint® Presentation Junkies!

You have a choice of keynote addresses or workshops. Your 2 options are:

  • Keynotes: 1.5 hours
  • Workshops: 3 hours

Size of group:

  • His keynotes are perfect for after-dinner events, “Lunch & Learn” or “Breakfast & Behold!” meetings for groups of 10 and for conferences of 1,000 people.
  • His interactive workshops (customized to your needs) are ideal for small groups.


Your sales force soars because they are applying new techniques that:

  • connect with your clients,
  • present your offerings using a fact-based approach,
  • promote your value-added products/services in a way that merit more financial compensation for your organization,
  • communicate clearly, briefly and powerfully,
  • promote collaboration in objection-handling with your clients, and
  • secure buy-in throughout their communications with them.

Want to know more? Contact Robert Vallée today to discuss your next sales training event.