Are you an HR & ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT & PERFORMANCE LEADER who is seeking to transform your organization’s culture for the better through personalized consultations and customized solutions?

Your mandate is to bring about dramatic improvements in specific areas of communications, presentations, meeting management and leadership speaking abilities. You recognize that generic, off-the-shelf workshops will not meet your needs. Robert Vallée’s 3 decades of experience in this field and expertise in coaching communicators to a high level of proficiency are ideal starting points in bringing about your goal: take your people’s performance to a much higher level and, in turn, set new and higher standards for all team members to achieve.

In collaboration with Robert Vallée, your training and development sessions will be comprised of pre-training skills and needs assessment, customized training modules for small groups of key players, on-site and off-site individual coaching sessions, plus on-going personal follow-up with coach Vallée for specific events.

Your organization will see dramatic improvement because you led the way and them to outstanding performance.

Imagine being able to help the following key players in your organization:

  1. Chronic users of PowerPoint® who have difficulty thinking/speaking to your leadership team and their colleagues without a laptop or a paper deck.
  2. Academically-trained professionals and recent university graduates who must be more relevant and strategic in their communications while retaining their technical prowess for key projects.
  3. Technical and product experts who will benefit from mastering the modern communication skills that will enable them to wisely apply their knowledge to the audience’s interests, concerns and strategic organizational goals.
  4. Leaders who speak at length yet miss out on the opportunities to engage their team members.


They soar while you delivered superior results in a time-effective manner thanks to personalized solutions.

Interested in exploring the opportunities? Contact Robert Vallée today.